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What are the benefits of working out with EMS at Amped?
What are the benefits of working out with EMS?


Featuring our trainers, real clients, and our boutique studio.




"My wife and I have been going to Amped weekly since the start of the year! They are awesome trainers who use the technology to deliver impressive results. Our bodies have changed so much in terms of muscle strength, definition and endurance over the past month. The ability to get an incredibly hard workout that is easy on your joints is truly life changing for us middle aged folks. Thanks for taking us on this impressive journey!!!"


"I heard about Amped from friends and after hearing how much they liked it and SEEING their results I had to try it out. After a few sessions, I was hooked!! I literally saw results after 4 sessions, no word of a lie. I convinced my husband to try it, and he likes it too. Its a quick workout (with some time to get the suit on). But it's only twice a week and I'm seeing more results than I did with a personal trainer I hired a while back. Seriously, try this out!!!


"My wife and I have been training with Kalyn for almost a year now and have seen amazing results. A slipped disk two years ago during hockey left me in daily bouts of pain and back spasms. The usual traditional treatments helped (pain medication, muscle relaxants, chiropractic & physiotherapy), however these were temporary reliefs.  As my damage was eventually more soft tissue related, Kalyn put me on a plan to strengthen not only my core, but my entire body as a system. As of today I am more mobile that I have ever been, stronger and pain free. Many thanks Kalyn!"


"Amped Advantage was such a great experience! I can't express the amount of love and respect I have for them. They were able to cater to my wrist injury so I was able to continue working out. Not only was I able to workout but it was amplified by the amped advantage suits. I lost inches around my legs and waist. Inches that I have been holding onto for too long. Between the amazing support and professionalism to the skilled workouts they gave me, I am extremely happy to have worked with them. They would show me exactly how to do each exercise, properly and with patience. I can't thank the staff enough for the amazing results I get to show off. Thank you, thank you. 


"My partner and I have been going to AMPED for over a year now and we're really happy with the results. We used to go to intensive fitness classes at other gyms 3-4 x a week and really struggled to see results. I tried EMS, admittedly with a lot of skepticism, but I thought it might be a good option for my partner's bad knees. Within 4 weeks of doing EMS with Kalyn we were totally hooked. Not only do you get personalized and effective training, but the results are undeniable after just 25 minutes twice a week. Kalyn is knowledgeable about her profession, flexible when needed, and goes over and above to help you reach your goals. You don't find trainers like her often. Worth every penny!"


"Amped Advantage will change the way you approach fitness.

Immediately after my first session with Kalyn, I was hooked. From just 20 short, intense minutes, I felt more fatigued, trained, and accomplished than I ever have at the gym. PLUS, I have the rest of the day freed up to do whatever I like. No more 90+ minute high impact, heavy weight sessions at the gym. 

Amped Advantage is the direction that fitness is headed, and knowing that I have a leg up on these traditional training methods is a great feeling. The results alone are why I won't spend another cent on gym memberships, but Kalyn's approach, encouragement, and drive to better myself will keep me coming back. 

Everyone will benefit from Amped Advantage. from the couch potato, to the weekend warrior, to the elite athlete. If you're sick of working hard for minimal results, I can not encourage you enough to go see Kalyn, try the XBody workout, and discover exactly why everyone has been talking about Amped Advantage."


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